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Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 economy class flight review

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While the seats felt surprisingly dated, there was tons of legroom for an economy flight, and the plane itself was only half full, which meant there was an empty seat next to me.

The entertainment system was excellent, with more options than any passenger will ever get the chance to fully explore. I completely understand why it wins best in-flight entertainment system year after year.

The food wasn’t the best I’ve had on an airplane. (That still goes to Japan Airlines, which gave meal after meal of tasty, fresh Japanese food.) But the options were still pretty tasty, aside from the pizza, and I never felt hungry on the flight.

The flight attendants were exceptionally cheery and always willing to help, but I couldn’t help feel like they didn’t come around enough. There were many times I was wishing I could get a drink. Sure, I could’ve gone down the aisle to get one, but it’s not that easy when you’re in the window seat.

As far as the A380 goes, I can see why aviation junkies are so hyped on the plane. It feels huge and, even in economy, the bathrooms and aisles aren’t cramped and the power outlets are plentiful.

The biggest issue for me was the excruciatingly slow Wi-Fi. Now, before you direct me to that famous Louis C.K. bit, I’ll note that I’ve been on a ton of airlines with much faster connections, which didn’t charge per megabyte. I’ll skip it next time.

Whether I fly it again comes down to price. A long-haul nonstop Emirates flight is likely going to run $1,100 or more. If there were a comparable flight on another airline for half the price, it probably wouldn’t be worth it to splurge for Emirates.

But if the difference is somewhere between $200-$400, it’s likely I’d jump for Emirates.

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