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How the world’s richest people vacation with the most luxurious trips

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Vacations are extra nice when you’re super rich.

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  • The world’s richest people always travel in style.
  • From private jets and yachts to custom excursions, vacations for the super rich are perfectly planned.
  • One travel company, Abercrombie & Kent, shared the itinerary for a 25-day, 6-continent tour that costs $150,000.

For many of us, glacier hiking in Patagonia, whale watching in Australia, and stargazing in Easter Island are merely pipe dreams.

For the mega-rich, that’s all accomplished in one month of the year.

Those in the upper echelon of wealth value travel like the rest of us, except their experiences are vastly different. Instead of reading travel blogs, consulting hot travel lists, and scouring the internet for cheap airfare deals, the mega-rich often outsource their vacation planning to luxury travel agencies.

Abercrombie & Kent is one such company. The travel and concierge service transports guests on its fleet of private jets and chartered mega-yachts with the exclusivity and five-star treatment millionaires are so accustomed.

Its portfolio of luxury family tours ranges widely, including trips such as origami and kimono dressing lessons in Japan, riding in a tuk-tuk through a Tanzanian village, gladiator combat lessons in Rome, and kayaking among the giant tortoises in the Galápagos Islands.

But one of Abercrombie & Kent’s must luxurious experiences is Around the World, a 25-day journey through 7 countries and 6 continents for $150,000 per person.

Below, a closer look at the Around the World itinerary — how the mega-rich travel the world.

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