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How to avoid gaining weight: tricks from people around the world

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Sushi chefs react to a part of a 222 kg (489 lb) Bluefin tuna in Tokyo, January 5, 2013.

Toru Hanai/Reuters

The American diet has changed dramatically since the 1970s.

The portion sizes of everything from a muffin to a slice of pizza have grown as much as 138% bigger. Americans now eat far more chicken than they did in 1975, but less beef. And in 2014, people started spending more money eating out than they did on eating at home for the first time in American history, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Dieting and weight-loss trends have also shifted: Whereas Americans used to opt for low-fat foods to avoid putting on pounds, sugar has increasingly emerged as the main culprit in weight gain. There’s also a growing emphasis on plant-based eating plans, although dieters still often count calories or banish entire food groups.

In other countries around the world, people take different approaches to healthy eating. In Argentina, many people sip appetite-suppressing Yerba mate tea, while Ethiopians nibble bread made from a mineral-rich, protein-packed grain called teff.

Here are a few of the savviest, most surprising ways people around the world stay trim and satisfied without sacrificing taste.

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