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Rome airport Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino restrooms: Review, pictures

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The best restrooms I’ve ever seen in an airport.

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At Business Insider, we review airline travel and airports all the time. We write about airport lounges. We write about airline paint jobs. We write about planes.

But in our entire existence, I believe we have never reviewed an airport restroom.

That might sound like a gag, but restrooms are an inevitable part of the air-travel experience. More so if you’re a parent and have to deal with changing diapers or attending to small children. For years, and through three kids and a lot of flights, I’ve struggled with changing, with finding a way to safely let my daughter use the facilities, and with simple stuff like getting a 5-year-old to be able to wash his hands.

For my own part, I’ve seen it all, from truly repulsive men’s restrooms to relatively spiffy ones.

Obviously, we can’t really review restrooms because we typically post photos with our reviews and nobody would like it very much if we were snapping pictures in semi-private public space. It would be rude and ethically unacceptable.

But I recently found myself, briefly, in a position to check out that rarest of things: a completely empty men’s restroom at Rome’s Fiumicino airport, on a return trip from Italy to the US.

I quickly seized the opportunity. Here’s what I saw.

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