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Tips for travelling to Luxembourg

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Sandwiched between Germany and France, Luxembourg’s dining culture is something to behold.

Local specialities I tried during my time included Kniddelen, a kind of wheat-based dumplings served with bacon and cream sauce, Rieslingspachteit, a pork pie with a jelly made from Riesling wine, and Kachkeis, a runny cheese similar to Camembert. All of them were delicious and super filling.

Drinks were also pretty great. Not counting the microbreweries, Luxembourg produces five beers: Mousel, Battin, Diekirch, Bofferding, and Simon. From my experience, Diekirch was the most widely available, and was pretty good as mass-produced beers go.

Luxembourg also produces wine, something I was entirely unaware of before my visit. The Mosel river, which forms part of the Luxembourg-Germany border is famous — on the German side at least — for its Riesling, an off-dry, often floral tasting white wine.

It’s also produced on the Luxembourgish side of the river, and if it’s to your taste (it’s not for everyone) is just as good as the German wine.

Another widely consumed drink is the Kir, a mix of white wine and blackcurrant liqueur.

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