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Where Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton first traveled abroad as president

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Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump are welcomed by Saudi
Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud at Al Murabba Palace
in Riyadh.


President Donald Trump just wrapped up his first trip abroad
since taking office.

Landing first in Saudi Arabia
to address fighting terrorism
, Trump then traveled to Israel

to push for peace with the Palestinians
, to Vatican City

to meet with the Pope
, to Brussels
to meet with NATO allies
, and ended in Italy
to attend a trade summit with other G7 leaders

He heralded the trip a “great
success for America
.” Some European allies Trump met with
called the G7 Summit “unsatisfactory,”
while Middle Eastern leaders he visited
offered mixed reactions

Though Saudi Arabia has been a close
American ally for decades
, it marked the first time the
oil-rich kingdom has been chosen for an inaugural presidential

In the recent past, presidents have typically selected countries
close by, like Canada and Mexico, since foreign trips can be such
a high-stakes environment for a new leader. Presidential trips
abroad take weeks, and sometimes months, of planning to make sure
the many diplomatic niceties are observed.

trump saudi arabia sword dancing
dances with a sword as he arrives to a welcome ceremony by Saudi
Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud at Al Murabba Palace
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on May 20, 2017.

Thomson Reuters

Where a president goes during his first year in office can depend
on what is going on in the world, and the various foreign policy
issues they have to address. They can also serve as a contrast to
past administrations.

President Barack Obama chose Canada for his first visit in 2009,
after President
George W. Bush called Mexico
the US’s most important
bilateral trading partner when he visited the country for his
first trip in 2001.

In his first year, Obama traveled to 21 countries, jetting from
Europe to the Middle East, then Asia, even finding time for a
visit to Ghana.

Bush did a European tour before ending his first year with a
visit to China for the
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum
, his first trip
abroad following the September 11 terror attacks.

During his first year in office in 1993, President Bill Clinton
only traveled to three countries. In his first trip to Canada,
Clinton met with Russian President Boris Yeltsin
to present a
$1 billion aid package in order to promote democratic reform in
the country after
the fall of the Soviet Union

Here’s where Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton traveled in their
first year as president:

trump obama bush clinton foreign trips abroad Countries traveled first year presidencySkye Gould/Business Insider

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