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روسيا تواجه فاتورة بقيمة 32 مليار دولار بسبب انبعاثات الكربون الناتجة عن الحرب في أوكرانيا

A building damaged by a drone attack in Kyiv in October 2022Roman Hrytsyna/Associated Press/Alamy The first two years of Russia’s…

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مارتن ريس: لماذا يمكن أن تحل جوائز التحدي أكثر القضايا إلحاحًا لدينا

Martin Rees at the 2017 Hay Festival of Literature in Hay on Wye, UKAlamy Stock Photo The Oscars. The Booker…

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معرض جديد غامر يستكشف مخاطر تحدي الشيخوخة

A woman laments her artificially long life in part of an installation by film-maker Michael Schindhelm (below)Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger/KBH.G The…

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البلورات السائلة قد تحسن أجهزة الاتصالات الكمية

Hitting certain crystals with lasers makes them produce quantum lightJaka Korenjak Creating quantum light just became easier thanks to liquid…

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Tiny great ape fossils identified as new species from Europe

Two teeth, viewed from multiple angles, from the newly identified ancient ape Buronius manfredschmidiBöhme et al., 2024, PLOS ONE, CC-BY…

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What is a heat dome and are they getting worse with climate change?

High temperatures hit Joshua Tree, California, on 5 June 2024Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images Mexico has been experiencing…

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Writers accept lower pay when they use AI to help with their work

Writers may value their work less when they get help from AIKilito Chan/Getty Images Writers are willing to take a…

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